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Published proceedings

The published proceedings can be found here.

General information

There will be printed proceedings for this conference. The maximum number of allowed pages is

Talk type Page limit
Plenary 10 pages
Summary 12 pages
Parallel 4 pages


The strict deadline for submission of contributions is May 31, 2012. Please send gzipped tar archives or zip archives by email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. The naming convention should be familyname_firstname.tar.gz or (add an additional suffix in case of multiple submissions from the same author). The files inside these archives should follow the naming conventions explained in the template files.

LaTeX templates

For writing your contribution, please use the following LaTeX template:

 Potentially useful additional LaTeX packages might be:

  • booktabs: Publication quality tables in LaTeX
  • csquotes: Context sensitive quotation facilities
  • hepunits: A set of units useful in high energy physics applications
  • etoolbox: Tool-box for LaTeX programmers using e-TeX (needed for csquotes)
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